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Hello sis and bros,

It's my first post here.

I don't usually post but after my recent exp with All Best Air Conditioning Electric Pte Ltd, I want to share my bad exp with everyone and hopefully no one kena the **** i got from them.

We ordered and bought a new Toshiba System 3 from their branch at Tampines Century Square.
The deal looks pretty good with gift vouchers and the salesman assured that Toshiba was the best choice.
We were inclining towards Mitsubishi but he kept on going about how Toshiba is waay better and how it's made in Japan and Mitsubushi in Thailand. I checked immediately upon returning home and it appears that Mistsubishi Units are indeed Assembled in Thailand, but it's parts are all made in Japan. Toshiba has also withdrawn its operations from Singapore and the repairs will also be undertaken by a third party company Carrier. But he assured us it'll be fine. The salesman scheduled us for installation within 2 weeks; very systematic, experienced and professional.

However, I personally think he receives more commission from selling of Toshiba units. I've checked online and found other people with similar encounters.

The installation did not live up to standard. 2 staff from Allbest came to install. The main guy was experienced but rough with his work.
For example, he could've measured and trace out the exact size of the hole for the casing but he just drilled and hammered roughly a large one (Hole was 4cm radius extra all around the casing) only to cover up the extra space he excavated with quick dry silicone sealant.

However, the main problem was the one who tagged along as the assistant. His attitude and performance was subpar. Him blasting music during work was still tolerable but there're quite a few things he disappointed us.
He lays his phone and belongings on our bed without seeking permission(Hello, you think this is your house?!).
Secondly, he "forgot" to clear the last of the old aircon piping, didn't even bother to seal up the reopened old piping casings until we asked him about it. There 're water leaks and he didn't even bother to wipe it up.
Also, the way he hammered nails into the wall for the remote mounting frame is totally that of a beginner; instead of going straight in, the nails are crooked and twisted. Worst thing is, he didn't even bother to remove the ugly traces of his previous 2 attempts. He just left them there. The final one isn't any better.

Within a day of installation, one of the blowers started to leak water everywhere. JUST ONE DAY. Seriously??

We recontacted the salesman and fortunately he was professional and got us a service team over within a day. Thankfully the other 2 blowers were okay.

Allbest i suggest you better retrain some of your staff to better conduct themselves.

This is simply unacceptable!

Is this just our bad luck or has anyone got similar experiences with them?
Do share and thanks for reading!
I guess most of bigger Aircon company installer term more or less to be the same, cause is human, once they everyday doing the same jobs will be careless.

Unless is engaged from the Aircon re-seller boss and installed for you.

anyway just enjoy your new Aircons
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