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There are retail stores (e.g. sheares, hock gift shop). An friend in the industry told me Sports Center Singapore is the local distributor for Sypderco, I have yet to verify that. I received a Delica from a friend last month, quite a good small knife for daily utility tasks.

Benchmade store had a 40% storewide sale before it closed recently, it was run by Hornest if I'm not mistaken. I made an impulse buy of the Rift instead of a Grip.

I like to patronise shops with good service and ok price. A lot of times, certain stuff are more than 25% cheaper online. So I buy from both sources as much as possible.

Hope you like the Delica.
Thanks for your reply! Will go to check them out in the stores u mentioned

oh looks like i missed the 40% sale

also if anyone letting go of the above knives, pm me
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