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I got the md s name card. Very earnest fellow. I think I will buy from him lol. The comfort is better than Aeron in my opinion as the lumbar support is solid.
yup agree. u can adjust the lumbar support height to suit ur lumbar position. works well when u decline the chair too. i use the chair as it is with no other support/cushion and can sit for few hours per session without any pain/discomfort.

additional info. iirc, think the price is inclusive of delivery and can do COD. they will deliver to you wrapped in plastic protectors and fully assembled. just roll into your room and use. I was late for around 15 mins and told my brother to pay them first but they very kindly waited until i am back and inspect the chair before they left. not trying to promote them or anything but the overall process and experience was very pleasant.

will try HM when this chair fails or cant be used. heard good reviews of it too.
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