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I just bought the Ergohuman V2 like 2-3 months ago. Total pricing inclusive of delivery and assemble ($609/- [includes GST]). *This is just the default full mesh chair itself without the leg rest.* I was told that V1 and V2 had the same pricing whereas V2 is the newer model.

If you had compare their "V2" to the original V2 as introduced on the website, you will noticed a few differences.

1) Handle bar is different (same old V1 plastic handle)
2) Black plastic cover under seat (same plastic cover instead of revealed metal parts)
3) The seat adjustments (Using 3 in 1 trigger instead of 3 individual controls)
4) The tension control is turning knob instead of crank turning

Basically I would that the model feels like V1 plus instead of V2. I think I also read somewhere that says that the real V2 version is not release in SEA.

Anyway, I tested the chair and feel that lumbar support was there, the mesh seat is quite comfortable. The chair was much much cooler than my previous leather chair.

Overall, I like the chair but It does makes some noise if you keep shifting it around.

P.S. This is the most expensive chair I've owned so far, as I've not tried others (like Herman Miller or similar expensive brand), I was not able to compare the effectiveness of the ergonomic feature of such chair. Except that it is way better than the previous $300+ I used to have.

You can try it out at the showroom, Apres No.9 Harrison Road #06-01 Singapore 369651. Tel: 67410009

i got the same chair from him too. been using it since 2012. the chair come with a 3 years warranty.
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