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Hi guys, new to this kinda stuff ...

Anyways, I'm collecting the keys to my BTO tomorrow, and although we've yet to speak to any contractors / IDs, we're pretty much settled on Mitsubishi Electric for airconditioning.

Ours is a 4 room flat, and we're still deciding whether to go with System 3 (bedrooms only) or System 4 (bedrooms + hall). How practical or impractical is it to go for the System 4? Also, I recall seeing that System 3 is 4-ticks while the System 4 is 3-ticks ... anyone knows why this is so?
Its not about it being practical or not, its whether u need it or not. U must think carefully lor.. If u dont need aircon in ur hall now and in the future, get a system 3. Don't install just for the sake of installing then never use, price difference quite a lot. Our ME system 3 (btu 9k*3) is $2850 and system 4 (btu 24k+9k*3) is $3850. Price difference of $1k! But if u might need aircon in ur hall in the near future, then might as well get a system 4 and have it done once and for all cos it's cheaper to install a system 4 compared to system 3 + system 1 (usually about $600-$700 incl labour fee). Most people go for system 3 + system 1 only because they frequently need to switch on all 4 fancoils at the same time.

Now, both Mitsubishi Electric system 3 and 4 is 2-ticks already.
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