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Hi guys, new to this kinda stuff ...

Anyways, I'm collecting the keys to my BTO tomorrow, and although we've yet to speak to any contractors / IDs, we're pretty much settled on Mitsubishi Electric for airconditioning.

Ours is a 4 room flat, and we're still deciding whether to go with System 3 (bedrooms only) or System 4 (bedrooms + hall). How practical or impractical is it to go for the System 4? Also, I recall seeing that System 3 is 4-ticks while the System 4 is 3-ticks ... anyone knows why this is so?
Hi, from the 3 ticks to 5 ticks has bigger gap, but In the markets still not out yet for multi split, recent 2 ticks is good enough, if your unit don't have open yard, so don't have issue for cold air leak out, at night for more on bedroom only, the electricity wouldn't cost you much.

Usually for those of new flat, should consider to go for system 4 at least, when in hot weather still can use for while, if after installed for sys 3, you may regret at that time, but also depending your budget as well
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