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Seeking aircon advices

Hi, my system 4 Mitsubishi heavy industries failed last week. Only air could be felt and timer light blinking, compressor fan not moving. Got my agent wo kee hong to come down and see. They confirmed need to change 2 pcb boards and a corrode valve. So we agreed to change them however as they did not have ex stock for the valve, we were told to wait for the valve to come and just change the 2 pcb board. 3 of my Aircon is up now aircon developed further problems.

1)Study room air con is not cold at all even at the lowest temperature.
2)intermittent stopping of the compressor which resulted in all Aircon not cold.

I am a consumer who knows nothing about aircon and just take in advices from the agent. At least now I found this website when I am sourcing for other alternatives, pls can anyone from this professional forum able to give me a second opinion. Great appreciation! Btw any recommendation for Aircon company for service contract as my contract is ending soon.

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