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The problem is there will be new model to be released by end of the year, this lead me to the concern of the spare parts availability.

And my second concern is on the Easy Clean function - I received feedback that the catch of the thin plate is easy broken when dismantle for cleaning, plus there is sensor in work i.e. once broken there will be trouble for the Air-con functioning and causing extra money for servicing and repairing.

So it leads me to the choice for Fujitsu, and truly appreciate to hear your opinion on this brand. Thanks in advance.
Hmm never knew that ME starmex has a issue for catch thin plate broken.

Fujitsu was slightly cheaper, to be concern there is no chance for removable and detectable drain pain for when clean out fan blower as well, you might pay higher maintenance fee to be dismantle down and chemical wash will works.
Even finger also can't slot in to clean out as often.
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