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Thanks Kim Sim for the explanation. Is there any guide or site which I can visit to learn more about Air Conditioning?

Which compressor to select and how to calculate the power usage by BTU?
Hmm, like Ah Yi website had minor explaination of room to room such as BTUs.

Like 3x4m standard room size for minimum 8.5k to 10k BTU just mention on standard require only, actually like some Aircon experience they will said for 3x4m room just need 5-6k BTU should be sufficient.

Such as input watt for HDB flats standard requirement on 8.5A = 1900w, like ME Starmex 3A28, 4A28 & 4A38 from factory setting on 8.5A only, unless you adjust the current limitation to 11A or maximum input watts.

For the most higher Amp = more cooling & also faster reaching temperature from the pre-set and archived the setting.

How to knew the higher energy? But from the factory setting at 8.5A is quite save one, unless you going to adjusted the current limitation also set your the temperature keep on 20C so the Aircon will work on 11A = 2350w or Max current = 2850w also higher BTU input for most faster cooling down on wide area, such as living room.

How to know the suitable BTU?
When look for new Aircons such as system 3 don't go for smaller BTUs less than 24k.

Some Aircon brand had system 3 just 20k BTU only, you might get insufficient for turn on 3 room at same time.

So far ME Starmex inverter still don't have under power models yet.
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