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If you invest US$1k a month, you can start to consider IBKR instead of SCB as IBKR is slightly cheaper. Less than that, SCB is ok.

This is the current GBP spread in SCB: 2.207063 / 2.156582 (I just logged in to check).

You have to pay $22,070.63 to buy GBP$10k

Then when you convert the GBP back to SGD, you get $21,565.82.

So both ways, total loss is $504.81. So roughly, one way conversion, the loss is $252.40, which is actually not that bad though IBKR is slightly cheaper (Note: IBKR you have to convert SGD to US$, US$ to GBP).
hi limster. im using scb too. will be moving on to usd market soon. i will like to know the best way to bypass the horrible spread using scb.
1. FCY$aver
2 USD High Account

which acct better to open?

any idea wats the best rate to convert sgd to usd? then ownself deposit into fcy acct in scb, trf to usd settlement n trade. possible?
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