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Can't decide between ipad pro or mini 4

I currently own the air 1 and am looking to sell it away but can't decide which ipad to get.

Obviously the pro's hardware specs are mouthwatering, but it can quite cumbersome to carry outside and use and seems like it is catered to a niche range of professionals. Also its availabe size is 32Gb and 128Gb, which is a buzzkill for me as my air was the 64Gb. A 128Gb pro with the keyboard is pretty much the price of a base level MBA. Like a bit bo hua if it doesn't have a desktop OS and can't transfer files efficently.

I have used the mini 1 in the past and the size and form factor is great, brought it out pretty much everytime. And here's the thing, I've been considering to get a macbook pro for some time as my windows laptop is 4 yrs old.

Sorry for wall of text but should i just get the ipad pro or get the mini 4 and a proper macbook? I feel like the ipad pro at the moment insufficient to replace a proper laptop.
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