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Which steel is your GSO 5.1? Do you use it to chop or baton wood like most Northern users do?

I have the ESEE 6 on my list for a 6" knife, but 1095 carbon steel will need some maintenance. Looked at many other mass production knives, but didn't find one which is 6" rust resistant, flat grind, drop/spear point, full tang, consistent quality control, lifetime warranty. GSO looks like a good fit. CPM-20CV is said to be "a very low maintenance, all weather cutting tool".
Mine is a GSO 5.1 in 20CV. No i dun use it to baton yet.

The knife should be able to take batoning as survive knife has a video on them using a GSO 5.1 20CV batoning a brick.

Still, if u going to hard use it... get it in CPM 3V.
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