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Playing the devil's advocate here, but your initial post plus your replies to the advices given by others here seem to indicate you already have a preference and just want some validation and support lol.

iPad pro is about the weight of the first original iPad.

And from personal experience, iPad mini is too big to carry without a bag, be it sling bag or man purse. If you are carrying a bag, chances are you can take an iPad pro with you.

To the mini's credit, it is the easier device to use one handed as well as used standing up (on bus, MRT, or bus stop, etc) for quick browsing.

I myself own an iPad Air 2, and I am thinking if I should get the pro due to portability and ease of handling it too.
Agreed, those are very valid points, just looking for proper counterarguments to make a rational decision. For me personally, I find it pretty hard to justify the price of 1K+ for the 128Gb ipad pro, for the price range can get a proper laptop. The ipad pro at its current status isn't enough to replace a laptop, for eg a file management system.
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