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Why some GOGOvan drivers so guai lan?

Incident 1: My friend buy furniture from IKEA. Got to know GOGO van through promotion and ask the driver to transport furniture home and carry up as well as she small size. Driver quote additional $50 so total $80. Siao la. Ikea delivery only $55, why pay $80?!

Incident 2: My friend want to deliver a furniture from her house to carousell buyer house. Driver say okok 3pm. end up call her at 2.30pm say cannot make it. Then the customer thought my friend fly aeroplane and give her a big RED negative remark on her profile.

Why ah?
hmm thats quite unfortunate for your friend. but as the saying goes, So many drivers, more or less sure have a few black sheeps one. But so far for me, i will ask customer if they need any labour, and negotiate price 1st before i load the items into my van. normally labour i charge $10-$20 only though. $50 is abit too much i agree.
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