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Because when I step back and look at FIFA 16 as a complete and individual video game released in the year 2015—not a vessel carrying bullet-point updates to FIFA 15—I see a game that’s dated and stale. Lumbering under the weight of an ageing engine that affects every aspect of gameplay, from rubbery animation to floaty ball physics to players that look like Adidas-draped balloons. EA can make all the little changes around the periphery they like, but at the end of the day, they’re just that: little changes.

This game needs more than little changes. It needs a serious overhaul. There’s precious little that’s new about FIFA 16. From the menus to the commentary team to the halftime replays, it’s tough finding genuinely fresh and meaningful additions or improvements to the core FIFA 16 experience outside of a new draft system in Ultimate Team, some extra depth to manager mode and a promising (though quarantined and barebones) women’s game (more on that below).
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