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Might I suggest the spyderco paramilitary 2 or a zt0801(if you don't mind carrying sth a little bigger)? Those are good knives
Honestly am very intrigued by the PM2, but the handle length seems off to me. Also, big blades seem to have a scare factor behind them and I don't like to have to keep explaining why i like knives to people who think they only can be used to harm others. I like the 801 too, but it'll get pretty heavy during work especially when i have my multi tool on the same side of my pants

Funnily I'm really diggin both the G10 coated and the new LW coated Manix 2.

Anyone can comment on the BD1 steel?

Why not the Spyderco Dice? CutleryShoppe also has it at a good price and it is of a similar form factor to the Techno. It is still in CTS-XHP instead of S30V.

The only bad thing I have to say about it is that the CF pattern is fugly as hell, but YMMV.
Looks pretty cool and the Domino is drawing me in as well. I agree that the CF looks pretty ugly though.
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