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801 is heavy. but very ergonomic and solid. People will get scared but it's well made, ti handles, bearing assisted flipper and oh..ELMAX steel. The only downside is the black clip (Todd Rexford had to swallow that). For USD200, it can't be beat.

Manix LW - flat handles and thin. yay or nay depending on what you like. sometimes a narrower but fatter handle works better. Manix has a big flat wide blade - scarier IMO than 801. It looks like the kitchen utility knife - and most criminals like kitchen blades. I love it for food prep.

BD-1 - no experience, but it's a basic 440C type steel.

PM2 - compression lock. yes, depending on the width of your palm, it may have a longish handle (I personally preferred the handle length of PM1 but most people will say that the PM2 is a huge improvement over PM1). I think it's more ergonomic than Manix.

Try looking for a FFG Delica in VG10. That'll work perfect as your 3" EDC blade.
When i just started looking at knives, the 801 was one of the ones that really caught my eye, but as i started to edc, i realized the weight would be a little over the top. Agree on elmax, Absolutely loved it on my 0566.

I'll stay off the PM2 for the time being, probably get one in the near future. Hopefully when the USD isnt so strong. Don't really like the delica as it's a lockback. Played with my dad's old spyderco ( dont know the model ) and i didnt like the lockback at all.

Anyways, I re-ordered an 0566BW. Realized it's really what i'm looking for, albeit still a little big, and jeff was nice enough to give me a good deal. Will probably get the manix soon as a gift for someone

Cts bd1 is one grade above Aus8. It has higher carbon content. More edge retention and more corrosion resistance. Equivalent to Aus10 or 440C.
Cool. Thanks for the explanation!
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