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compared to "asus 2400-3200Mbps" models...

why are your considering this over 2400 when the price is cheaper/similar?

I don't think I need to Asus RT-AC3200 (SRP S$429), RT-AC87U (SRP S$399).
The closest model for Asus RT-AC68U (SRP S$329)

There are only about 3 wireless devices connected to my network at any time.
I am mainly using LAN most of the time.

So the 2400-3200Mbps is overkill for me.
I'm currently still using the ASUS RT-N56U so far so good.
But nowadays I'm not sure why I don't have a connection (Wifi & LAN).
I power cycle both Router as well as ONT modem too.
At the same time I have the SYNOLOGY DS213J and I like their SYNOLOGY DSM UI.
It's easy to config them. That is the reason why I'm Interested Synology Wireless Router RT1900ac.
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