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The new S110V is already slowly coming in stock at several dealers, by the end of the year should have steady stock. Might be up your alley if you like crazy steels like that.

As for the near future, you might want to wait for the PM3 to come out. Not sure when that'll be, but so far from the details that have been floating around, it is a slightly smaller version of the PM2 with a 3 inch blade.
A smaller PM2 sounds fantastic TBH! Will keep a lookout for that!
I'd avoid the s90 and s110 unless you don't mind microchipping. Unless they lower the rc.
Sorry for the noob question but what is RC??

Both are pretty functional.. PM2 vs 801
I have a love hate affair with Spydie by now.. Most just look like cheap toy with their 2D-ish effect but many are really nice to when it comes to using instead of potato-couching to open and close a knife while doing nothing practical.

The PM2 never grew on me until I held one in my hand.. (I like bigger knives) and its a nice glove fit. Don't own one but if some comes along at reasonable price I probably will snag it as a user.

801 has more of a "knife" look. But seriously need a better looking after market clip to dress it up imo. the blade is a little bit thick for me though it has a relatively wide factory edge to compensate but for certain cutting action u are gonna find the "shoulder" of the edge gets in the way .. so it depends on your uses and application. Yea its a little meaty in the pocket... ok when holding and using though- the weight + thick blade gives a very stable firm feel to it...

Dont have experience with BD-1..
Sounds like I should really go and have a feel for the PM2. Or maybe the PM3. Indeed the ZT0801's clip looks a little out of place but I just hate the spyderco 3 screw clips. I really dig the blackwash 0801, but then again I doubt I'd ever order one of their knives not in BW!
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