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Hi all, got my Gratch last night and was really excited to get it in hand.

After playing around with it for a day, here are some initial impressions:

1) Fit and finish is excellent. On par with reate or even better
2) Action: Smooth smooth action. The smoothness here is very different from what u find on a ZT560. Its more of a controlled smoothness as compared to free falling kind. Detent is pretty strong but i would say a Reate Horizon C has a more explosive detent. That said, best flipper i have.
3) Flipper tab favours a push button more than a light switch
4) Ergonomics are good using the handle or with the finger choil
5) ITS A REALLY BEAUTIFUL KNIFE. the CF is so vibrant on this one (wish i could post photos)
6) the blade was not razor sharp unfortunately.

Anyway that being said, to answer a question i posted earlier on whether its worth it? My verdict is:

No. Why? Because the increase in quality did not warrant such a leap in price at least in my opinion. I would have been contented with another Reate or ZT for half the price. I much rather spend on the 20% of knives that has qualities that make it 80% perfect.

But that is my own opinion. Well so i guess i will just be sticking to high end production knives rather than production knives at the mid tech price range. I do suppose the CKF is meant to have a mid tech quality (at least from my understanding)
Congrats! Pics? Price? Specs?
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