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Hi all, got my Gratch last night and was really excited to get it in hand.

After playing around with it for a day, here are some initial impressions:

1) Fit and finish is excellent. On par with reate or even better
2) Action: Smooth smooth action. The smoothness here is very different from what u find on a ZT560. Its more of a controlled smoothness as compared to free falling kind. Detent is pretty strong but i would say a Reate Horizon C has a more explosive detent. That said, best flipper i have.
3) Flipper tab favours a push button more than a light switch
4) Ergonomics are good using the handle or with the finger choil
5) ITS A REALLY BEAUTIFUL KNIFE. the CF is so vibrant on this one (wish i could post photos)
6) the blade was not razor sharp unfortunately.

Anyway that being said, to answer a question i posted earlier on whether its worth it? My verdict is:

No. Why? Because the increase in quality did not warrant such a leap in price at least in my opinion. I would have been contented with another Reate or ZT for half the price. I much rather spend on the 20% of knives that has qualities that make it 80% perfect.

But that is my own opinion. Well so i they guess i will just be sticking to high end production knives rather than production knives at the mid tech price range. I do suppose the CKF is meant to have a mid tech quality (at least from my understanding)
Thanks for the review
CKF is really trying hard to carve a niche for themselves..
From Russia- -mention a knife-- chances are people think of Shirogorovs. I'm a big time fanboy myself for their stuff. In a way they have secured a first mover advantage But there are few more others like them.. just not as aggressive and into the international market or as focused in just folderrs but nevertheless all real Russian made knives.

CKF position themselves mid way. Knife designs by Russian standards.. but made in China to reduce cost and try to have a healthy margin again by price positioning mid way between
top chinese clones of russian knives and real russian knives.

I don't think its "worth" simply because their cost is probably not so high to justfiy that kind of selling price. . I am not junking who/ where it's made. To be honest a lot of these Chinese knives are well made ( in terms of mechanism and action (but HT of the steel in use is another matter though) but all those association with clones just water their image down in general.

Even when making clones-- a lot of times things are deliberately done to reduce the quality so that there are top tier and 2nd grade clones .. its all about marketing

Watch for it-- another quiet Chinese knifemaking contender who start out like most cloning knives-- has a number of nice protos of his own now in the work.

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