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RC, or HRC, is the Rockwell Hardness on the C scale.

These so-called "supersteels" tend to have a HRC in the 60s range. They'll chip because they're hard and hence brittle. Softer steels tend to "roll" over in use.

It is always a trade-off. Harder steels have superior edge retention but are harder to sharpen and even more so when they chip. Softer steels will "roll" over at the edge, making them easier to sharpen but they will have inferior edge retention.
But of course this is just very simple outlook on steel.

You will ask... is there a steel with both good hardness and toughness?


One of the best steel for knives is CPM 3V. It has good enough edge retention for a knife and is super tough at HRC 58 hardness.

Then you will ask me why dun all knife makers change to CPM 3V?

simply because the steel is cheaper and hard to justify higher prices for knives.
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