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Any forwarder agent can recommend? Pm me if u think that is better ways to tell me. I mostly use A/O knife as Edc, normally get some lower cost knives like tac force & mtech, for more expensive knife, I just keep it. I bought some of the knives from Amazon seller and sent back to my country, never try sent to sg, not sure the law here, even I have A/O I will just keep it. For me I get A/O knife from urbantoolhaus local seller here, although price a little bit but I think like trouble go P.S. ... if your life is in danger, I still think A/O knife is better, the different between used 2s open the knife and 5s open the knife !!!... you will know which is better
Haha... I don't think that's the case. Simple is best. Assisted opening = more components that can fail. The greatest tool is one that the user is very familiar with. Manual flippers can flip just as fast fyi. Just my 0.02
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