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Any forwarder agent can recommend? Pm me if u think that is better ways to tell me. I mostly use A/O knife as Edc, normally get some lower cost knives like tac force & mtech, for more expensive knife, I just keep it. I bought some of the knives from Amazon seller and sent back to my country, never try sent to sg, not sure the law here, even I have A/O I will just keep it. For me I get A/O knife from urbantoolhaus local seller here, although price a little bit but I think like trouble go P.S. ... if your life is in danger, I still think A/O knife is better, the different between used 2s open the knife and 5s open the knife !!!... you will know which is better

If your life is in danger, you should run first. It is never a good idea to take on people with a folding knife.

Even so, a fixed blade or a "Wave" opening knife will be faster than an A/O.

But again, please do not carry your folders with the intention of a "self defense tool". I cannot stress that enough. In the USA, it might be a more viable concept for guys to pair a tactical knife with their CCW.

Here in Singapore, we are really blessed to have safe streets. There is no need to risk it and bring a knife and possibly bring a bad reputation to the knife collecting community in Singapore.
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