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Any comments on the Nirk Tighe 2? Love the design and the fact that it is lightweight makes it great for a EDC.

I will also will getting the Reates Horizon D-TI in a couple of months time, this is for collection not for EDC, any opinions on this as well?
No comments on the Nirk Tighe 2 as I haven't owned/held 11. Why not you share a review on it once you've held/played/used it enough?

Collect what you love and you will be happy. Reate and other production knives will generally not appreciate in price. In my personal opinion (feel free to ignore it). Collecting in the long run will need to have some sort of sustainability. Buying and selling are part of the hobby. Productions are fine, but don't get like 50 productions. If you ever intend to spend that amount.. U might wanna consider customs.

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