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Will the AC88U (AC3100) be faster than the AC5300 besides having more LAN ports?

Or is it the AC5300 has a higher bandwidth capacity over the AC88U besides having the same number of antennas as the AC88U?

So which meets my needs if I've many wireless devices at home considering the actual fact that maybe 3100Mbps will be suffice for my need since both also have Smart Connect?
The AC88 and the AC5300 should be having similar performance since both are sporting the same Broadcom 47094 dual core 1.4GHz CPU, the differences are that the AC88 comes with 512MB RAM, 8x GbE ports and WTFast client whereas the AC5300 is 256MB RAM and 4x GbE ports without WTFast client.

I assumed you are using the ASUS RT-AC3200 now, both the ASUS RT-AC88U or the ASUS AC5300 will serve you well even you have many WiFi devices (smart connect feature aside), citing the differences.

Most will opt to get the ASUS RT-AC88U for the 8x GbE port which it's a long overdue want in consumer routers which most still have to get a separate standalone managed/unmanged switch for their wired devices.
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