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Will the WTFast client help in speeding things up for normal use like video streaming, downloading etc rather than strictly for reducing latency by speeding up the router in gaming?

If the AC88U is in every way better than the AC5300 then ASUS don't have to release the latter leow unless ASUS is targeting a specific market segment and there's a significant price difference between the two. What customers is ASUS targeting for its AC5300?
WTFast client allows you to utilize their WTFast private WAN network rather than going through your subscribed ISP designated routes to the various game servers to achieve better routes/lesser hops/lower latency.

ASUS designed their ASUS RT-AC88U for gamers and enthusiasts in mind, whereas the AC5300 are designed for those whom wanted to utilize 2x 5GHz for their WiFi devices and the smart connect feature.

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