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Any comments on the Nirk Tighe 2? Love the design and the fact that it is lightweight makes it great for a EDC.

I will also will getting the Reates Horizon D-TI in a couple of months time, this is for collection not for EDC, any opinions on this as well?
For the Nirk Tighe, you are probably paying more for design than the steel itself. At that price point, AUS-8 is probably below average.

But please do not interpret my comment as negative. There are other knives around that price point that uses AUS-8 that might seem to be overpay.

The Boker Kwaiken is around $100+ (depending on which version), and it uses AUS-8. It is still a popular knife because of the design.

CRKT also has another knife that I like that is AUS-8, but expensive, which is the BT-70. It is designed by the legendary Bob Terzuola and it looks really damn cool.

Al-Mar is also another maker that makes expensive knives that uses AUS-8. But for their case, I believe you will be paying for quality as I have heard good stuff about their AUS-8.

As for the Nirk Tighe, you are mostly paying for design as a lockback flipper was supposedly impossible on paper, but the designers took up that challenge and made one.
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