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No lah. Surface Pro 4 is thinner. Slightly thinner, but for this type of thickness, even slight improvement in thickness is highly appreciated. SP4 is 8.45mm. SP3 is 9.1mm.

Surface Book (when detached from the keyboard) is the thinnest though, at 7.7mm. Only because it does not have the thick USB slot.
Oh lol I thought he meant the Core M version compared to the i5/i7 Ver, my bad.

YEa surface book clipboard/tablet also only up to 3 hours of on time only :p

Thanks Joel.

I am not considering getting the S3. My only concern is with the m3 processor and from what I saw on the site I cited, the processor appears to be weaker. The S3 was used as a control to compare with.

I looked at the sites you provided and it shows otherwise. I think I will trust your sources more since it doesnt make any sense for a newer processor to be lousier. This is especially so since I have been reading that the m3 is better than the Atom.

I wonder whether have you seen this link before (

I quote a paragraph from that site:

"Besides Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, the same as those found in most mainstream and premium laptops and hybrids, Microsoft is adding support for Intel's Core M processors. These low-power, highly efficient chips have turned up in only a handful of lightweight premium systems, such as the 12-inch Apple MacBook and Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. In those systems, the Core M underperformed, at least compared to Intel's hype about the chip, so we'll have to wait until we can test the new version of this processor in the Surface Pro 4 to see if the Core M has improved enough."

Should I be concerned with such a review?
Firstly, I have to agree, the first gen Core M were pretty bad. But can be due to issues like insufficient cooling (macbook) and other stuff. Furthermore this is a newer generation, so things might change.

But frankly you shouldn't worry too much about it, especially if you're a light user. I had a Asus T100 running an Atom chip and i can say that its very usable. You just have to keep expectations in check with regards to the specs you have. But chrome (not like 30/20+ tabs) and simple word/office processing should be fine. Complex Excel Might be an issue. The Atom chips have come a long way in being usable imo.
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