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If i buy aircon, you think 2 tick better or 4 tick?
I know 4 tick save energy, but what is the disadvantage?

From my fringe experience, i will never buy more tick fridge anymore, the compartment not cold one. The ice i took out from more tick one melt much much faster than less tick one.

I think the tick is as bad idea as like our water saving device install at tap outlet. Its a piece of bad idea from someone on top.
So far 4ticks only, Daikin 20k btu sys 3, MHI sys 2 and LG artcool only.
But 5 ticks ME starmex coming soon..

For my experience, has more ticks meant can be reaching faster cooling capacity and cut-off during outdoor compressor time is a greater.

IF has more ticks but slower temperature pre-set are achieved in slower than 2 ticks, actually to be an equal also.

Usually more powerful needs draw more power input watts for shorten time than slower but use lesser input watts = energy saving.

At the end 4-5 ticks user still prefer to set few more stop lower temp. degree than 2 ticks energy saving model as well.
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