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My Astrill subscription ending soon, my experience is good so far shall I renew or ppl are moving away to other better alternatives?

If renewing astrill is there any ongoing promo code or I should wait for Black Friday.
There is nothing better than Astrill in my experience in terms of speed consistency and solutions offered (applet, OpenWEB, StealthVPN). Their 2 year plan is very good value in my opinion including free compact travel router. No discount code I am afraid.
I checked their website, didn't see any 2-year plan, only 1-year.

Yes, I totally agreed the 2-year plan is really value for money. I always waited for their Black Friday or Cyber Monday promo.

I saved quite a lot when I signed up for the 2-year instead of 1-year plan during their Black Friday promo in Nov last year. They bundled together with StealthVPN, RouterPro VPN & connect 2 devices concurrently.

This year Black Friday is on 27 Nov and Cyber Monday on 30 Nov.
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