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not sure if i should bring along the ones i bought the last time. haven't checked if they fit into my 24" luggage. cheap but kinda wasteful to buy again. haha hold in hand not hassle?

drizzle can be irritating, was drizzling in kyoto when i went in winter, feb 2014. ground wet and slippery all around the temples, especially fushimi inari and higashiyama area also.
Raining sure hassle one. Last Dec it also rained on me when I went hiking at Mt Rokko.

If you have bought a folding umbrella last time, this time buy a full size automatic? The full size ones are the most convenient for opening and closing all day going in and out of buildings. And keeps you drier of course. The new Tokyu Hands model for this year is really good. I tested mine in typhoon weather in July. 4 of us were walking along the road. A sudden strong gust of wind broke all the 3 other umbrellas instantly. I was the only one with a working umbrella when we reached our destination.
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