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not sure if i should bring along the ones i bought the last time. haven't checked if they fit into my 24" luggage. cheap but kinda wasteful to buy again. haha hold in hand not hassle?

drizzle can be irritating, was drizzling in kyoto when i went in winter, feb 2014. ground wet and slippery all around the temples, especially fushimi inari and higashiyama area also.

think it was only 200 or 300yen for the umbrella. just get new one loh.
it is easier to use those plastic tube bag for wet umbrella if urs is the long one. foldable umbrella u still need to fold and harder to stuff into the bag.

but yah, it is a hassle if are going to spend some time in a big mall. but if u are going from building to building then more convenient, no need to fold and unfold.

rain is really sianz. it rained when I went up alpine route, and we already booked an accommodation up there, so cant change day. rain until totally cannot see anything. and the rained continued to the next day when we went down

tt is y I always recommend basing ur accommodation in 1 location if possible, so u have flexibility to change plan in case of bad weather.
for example, if visiting Kyoto and Osaka, just stay throughout in one of the place. then if it is raining on the day u planning to visit Kyoto, then just switch to going Osaka and go shopping or aquarium
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