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I checked their website, didn't see any 2-year plan, only 1-year.

Yes, I totally agreed the 2-year plan is really value for money. I always waited for their Black Friday or Cyber Monday promo.

I saved quite a lot when I signed up for the 2-year instead of 1-year plan during their Black Friday promo in Nov last year. They bundled together with StealthVPN, RouterPro VPN & connect 2 devices concurrently.

This year Black Friday is on 27 Nov and Cyber Monday on 30 Nov.
No need to wait for Black Friday. They have 2 year plan available here.

On a side note, I would not expect folks to share their VPN finds here anymore. With a rapid development of internet in Singapore and fiber connections rolled out over the island, everyone has got an access to a rapid fast connections. It does not surprise me that someone is disappointed with Astrill, which has been popular choice here.

When I had VQ 150/75, I could max out Astrill Singapore 1 (USA) easily. When QV bumped everyone to 200/100 I could still max it out. Then it was 300/300 and I could still max out the download speed at least.

I am not in Singapore anymore but a quick look on VQ website shows that for the same price everyone gets 1Gbps / 500Mbps. So we are talking about 2 years period since 150/75 became 1000/500.

I am not surprised that Astrill or any other VPN for that matter is unable to keep up with such rapid speed development. This is one issue. Another issue is that bandwidth in Singapore is expensive and being connected to their SG servers, you essentially make them pay for international traffic and not your ISP.
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