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My bad, I didn't went into that page. Anyway, they bundled the 2-year plan with a TP-Link WR703N router and ProAddon for USD125.99. I got mine for USD99.95 with the ProAddon minus the TP-Link router since I can easily add the Astrill Applet on my ASUS router for free

Ok, other than their China servers which is freaking slow now, I'm still very happy with the speed of the other servers. No problem streaming Netflix in HD anytime of the day.
Great price your paid indeed. Somehow in August 2014 I paid for the same US$149.99. But I don't mind since it is worth it. I think they have a mistake in their pricing, because 2year plan comes up at US$5.25 per month (total US$125.99) instead of US$6.25 (total US$149.99) that I paid and that is showing on their website.
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