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Thanks guys, I guess best to stick to US or Asia region or All region then.

So what's the best protocol? Have primary as US or Asia? I have been reading the comments, seems like most of you guys have two accounts. So gotta switch back and forth?

And one last q: PS plus subscription worth it? Thinking of just hooting it since it's not very ex.
If you're going to play online multiplayers den you definitely need one. PS+ offers some exclusive stuff occasionally and free games monthly.

You only need to switch btwn accounts when u want to buy dlcs or digital games. You dont need to switch to play that particular region. I use R3 acc to play all sorts of regions. For me i using Asia PS+ coz it came tgt with the ps4 bundle...
In fact I have four accounts (US,UK,SG,JP) on my ps4 (although i dont really use the UK one).

I forsee myself playing R3 games mainly so i using R3 mainly. R3 games r easier to get from the stores at release date since imports hafta wait.
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