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I believe I mentioned somewhere on this thread that they do (I've used their service quite a few times). But such agents are not the best options for limited runs of knives, because they'll be sold out before they place the order. GECs tend to sell pretty quickly upon restock, especially the more popular models.
"List of Prohibited Items

The following articles are not prohibited for shipment under any circumstances.

Dangerous/Combustive Materials
Flammable Liquids Oxidizing Substances & Organic Peroxides Flammable Solids

essential oils & diffuser oils
alcoholic beverages
compressed gas cylinders
aerosol cans
shaving creams
hair mousse
treatments containing alcohol (Rogaine)
battery fluids
lighters with lighter fuel
gas torches

paint thinners & removers
adhesive products (glue, silicone)
weed killers

Lithium batteries unless they comply with the following packaging requirements;

contained in properly packaged equipment batteries securely cushioned & packed to prevent short circuiting

Export Controlled Items (any product which can be used in military, chemical or biological weapons, missile technology, or nuclear proliferation) Firearms & Weapons / Firearms (or parts thereof) and associated equipment & offensive weapons Drugs, controlled chemicals including substances used for the manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances

leg cuffs
ankle cuffs
police-type batons
spraying & fogging systems

sharp items such as hunting knives and swords
imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades
firecrackers and fireworks
cigarette lighters resembling weapons

narcotic drugs
prescription drugs
unlicensed drugs

Valuables Others

art works
precious metals & stones
gold & silver

animal, pets
pornographic materials
counterfeit/replica goods
magnetic material
radioactive material & waste
items requiring temperature-control/ perishable goods
chewing gum

You will be held responsible and liable for paying any related cost occurred should you choose to ship these items. All shipments must comply with the import laws of the country of your shipment destination.
If you are in doubt or have any further inquiries, please contact customer service."

Quoting from:

based on this i am assuming they will ship it for you, but you are responsible for the "action" in discordance to the destination's law.
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