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can anyone help advice....

cause i will be at kyoto for new year, which temple might be good for the bell ringing thingy?

new year good to do what? i bw with my mum and sis... intend to let them wear the kimono rental, then go inari shrine, then walk the old street.

after maybe find a decent restaurant (hopefully about sgd 50+ per pax), for a god cny dinner. any recommendation? think need to pre-book place?
the big bell which is rung on New Year's Day is only for temple monks iirc besides the ceremony takes place on New Year's Day not CNY

you do ring a bell as part of the praying step at Shinto shrines though

Fushimi Inari is on the south side of Kyoto, I am not sure if you can rent kimono around that part. Gion is nearer Kyomizudera area instead (if that is what you are referring to as the old street)

I would say call ahead and book but I do not have any recommendations, you can try looking up tabelog. They got english site now
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