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Hi Experts,

Need urgent advice on sys 4 installation, my old sys 3 has problem need replacement

So far I have checked on starmex sys 4 & did on-site survey by Star Cool (Aron/Ah boon), this is the quotation, seems good deal?

Starmex old: $3850nett

- Mitsubishi Electric inverter system 4 MXY4A28 / MSYGE18VA + MSYGE10VA X 3 (18kbtu + 9kbtu X 3)

Starmex new: $4550nett
- Mitsubishi Electric inverter system 4 MXY4G28 / MSXYFJ18VR + MSXYFJ10VR X 3 (18kbtu + 9kbtu X 3)

optional stainless steel bracket at $150 nett

- 1/2 inch Armaflex class "O" insulation
- G22 copper pipe
- 16mm drainage pvc pipe
- Keystone Cable (made in singapore)
- free 2 trips installation
- free dismantle & disposal of old air-con
- One year warranty for worksmanship & air-con equipments. Five years warranty for compressor

* Free Site Survey
* Special coordinating work between us and customer’s contractor
* Special appointed installation team
* Special supervising work by head of installer

Got few questions and hope experts can help provide advice;

1) Art Cool reviews seems satisfactory except maintenance issue due to design can incurred extra charges?

2) Daikin Silver Envi seems new? Can't find any reviews and mor energy saving then Starmex. COP is Daikin 4.2 vs Starmex New I duno which COP should look for; full load, part load or weighted and higher count is better?
Starmex new annual energy/cost is higher den Daikin.

3) Advisable to source for Starmex old- Zen series? Tried asking Aron/Ah boon, was told stopped production so bal on market is old units they didn't even bother to source & quote.

4) Based on my understanding; Starmex old vs new, it's not necessary that new is more energy efficient & cost savin since there is a Lock limitation of 8.5amp that applies to all AC brand unless unlocked. Hence new energy savin units might not be as cool (lower energy trade off coolness) and hence not as energy saving as projected??

5) Any other reputable installers to recom? Star Cool seems gd but response is really slow and seems to strongly promote Starmex

Many thanks in advance!

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