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Give you my real life example.

I kiasu brought two jackets, two softshell and bought another two coats there.

I went there overprepared with high end kit for what I thought was ten months of coldness and four months of snow

My kit:
North face quartz bomber (biggest bulkiest down)
Burton ski jacket (can't remember the model, light synthetic down, oversized for protection while skiing)
Columbia soft shell fleece (had two pieces)

Bought a
Long wool altierz trenchcoat from a flee market
Muji Japanese schoolboy style winter coat

Guess which one I wore the most ?

The trenchcoat and schoolboy wool coat.

Why ? Polyester long John and leg tights/compression shorts are the key to keep ing warm in winter. Ladies can substitute stockings for compression too. It works.

With a good base layer + long sleeve or short sleeve shirt and a heavy top (north face / Burton)/ I could go around all day, snowboarding and walking around in shiretoko with brother dreamer75.

But do that in the city, where I pop in and out of shops, or even a quick supermarket run, and the heavy coat traps so much heat, it becomes unbearably stifling.

So what I did was just base layer plus regular clothes plus a soft shell and the wool coat. Good enough for Sapporo. More mobility, style and less bao like ba chang. And the clothes can breathe too, they lose heat instead of trapping it in.
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