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Having lived there and read all the nonsense
On the "winter gear thread" with a chuckle.

No. Not necessary.

My criteria to assess is really simple:

- what's your threshold for coldness ?

- how long will u be spending outdoors ? Most people don't even spend 1.5 hours outdoor continuously in the snow

- what kit do you currently have ?

- do you know how to layer ?

- what are your key considerations ? Style, warmth, comfort, freedom of movement/less bulk.

This coat is good for those who
(1) don't want the hassle of layer. Coat on, coat off.
(2) intend to spend a lot of time outdoors
(3) also intend to spend a lot of time in warm heated places.

Sapporo is always really warm indoors. There's a saying amongst dosanko (道産子, those born of Hokkaido), they fear the cold the most.
My gear now is those uniqlo $99 jacket for taiwan use. If use layering, will be good enough? besides sapporo, I'll be in tokyo after sapporo. tokyo will have a lot of streets walking. The $99 jacket with sweater good enough? Thanks.
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