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Long long ago in a different world where there was a John little at specialist centre, I worked at the winterwear department for my summer job.

Down is a wonderful material. Basically, its the little feathers of ducks that traps heat in the layer of air in between them

Down works wonders as it is both light, and has tremendous insulating power.

But not all down is good down. Down is basically a weight/insulation performance tradeoff.

See those big bulky down jacket right ? May cost over 229.90 but the inside is filled with cheaper 400 grade down. 400 down is coarse and heavy. If you are a guy with a big frame like me, no problem with another 1-2kg of weight. (My down jacket is about 2kg+)

800 down is the high grade down. Lighter yet with the most insulation power, it allows manufacturers to make thin, slimline down jacket.

Here's the problem: not all manufacturers tell the truth about down. While we aren't avid mountaineers about to go to Patagonia or living in the cold windy streets of Chicago or the bone chilling roads of Alaska, it matters because if you don't know what you're buying, you don't know what are you paying for.

Afaik, uniqlo doesn't disclose what type of down used. It is a good little piece of kit. Light, compact, foldable. Probably warm enough for 80% of whatever we are doing. But for $99 "sale" price, I think u can easily buy north face from the US at that price point.

Just need to search for it. I find gear reviews very useful. Don't buy on price or claims of down. Read, find the technical specs, see if got user reviews.

That being said and done, I do think the uniqlo down is a pretty decent down jacket. I just don't think it is value for money.
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