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Both blades looks fierce. You got your zombie apocalypse covered.

OK guys, I want to move this out by this weekend.

ZT801 at USD200 via paypal all in. you can't get it at this price anywhere else. This is also the second batch - super super smooth flipping action. Blade practically falls down close as well. This is the lowest I'll go and I'm eating a loss already.

The Big Chris Bolo I will let go for USD530 via paypal all in. If you commission a CPM3V Bolo at this size with Peters Heat Treat etc. you will find that it will cost you a lot more, and that's not including shipping etc. And freight forwarders will not ship this type of large chopper either. You'll have to go via USPS which costs a lot more and spend I have more than this invested in this blade. Don't equate CPM3V with spring steel, 10XX series steel, 5160, 52100 etc. As Worcer says, CPM3V is about the best all round chopping steel there is. And it doesn't rust that easily either - just wipe down with oil. It holds its edge way better than the regular carbon steels as well - this is first hand experience.

They are great blades both of them and prices are more than reasonable
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