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I saw them at the shop and they look quite good for the price. They will probably be great for wearing during your rest stops and maybe at the top of the mountain.

Fleece with membrane sandwiched inside them have been the latest fad a few years back with Gore Windstopper fabric that you find in genuine hiking wear and the technology seems to have matured a bit and filtered down to general wear manufacturers like Uniqlo.

Fleece by itself is very warm but not windproof at all, as the fabric is very porous, allowing heat to escape with the gentlest breeze. So while wearing fleecy stuff will be very warm indoors for reading your favorite book on the sofa, you will get chilled in a fleece jacket walking down the main road in Hokkaido when the cold wind is blowing from Siberia. Hence the development of a fleece laminated with a breathable film to help block the wind, while still allowing the fabric to breathe.

But with all these synthetic plastic film, they are unable to ventilate the moisture coming out from our body as sweat sufficiently during when worn during activity. Even with Goretex (or even eVent/Neoshell), we will need to vent the jacket through opening front zips or pit zips, especially when hiking or going uphill with a heavy backpack. So for these wind stopping fleece jackets, while they are very warm when you are fully zipped up, you will also probably start sweating too much as well.

My advice is that if you are thinking of wearing them while hiking up the slopes of Mt Fuji, they will probably be too warm. You will be better off with the standard fleece jacket from Uniqlo.

When you have reached a rest stop and it starts getting cold in the fleece, wear a waterproof or windproof jacket over the fleece and you should instantly warm up again. Then when it is time to start walking again, walk a bit wearing these 2 layers until it feels too warm, then take off the outer jacket. This will allow you more flexibility in regulating your body temperature during a hike.
I did it with my army goretex on top of a long sleeve shirt on top of a mt Fuji uniqlo tee (lol). Like you mentioned, over heat and end up removing my long sleeve. Also discovered at the 8 station, my goretex lining had dried out and was flaking away in clumps.

I'm quite chunky and have a good tolerance for cold but its really really hard to find a good balance between something that can vent heat and something that can keep warm.

Pants wise was just wearing a compression pants and jeans. Wore a army goretex boot which got destroyed after the hike.

I tend to overpack and prepare for mt Fuji. Carry too much kit (assault pack with 9L of water, food and caloriemate for three days worth)

Made a bullet climb from fuji yoshida side (subaru route I think) but failed to make it down in time. Thought the return trip was like the kawaguchigo go go me route with easy scree slope.

This time (third time) I am endeavouring to do it like those Japanese nuts that sprint to the top. No excess weight, minimal kit. Just water bag, sweater and lots of 100 yen coins for the toilets. That's why looking for a windproof light technical shell/fleece thing. Any recommendations ?

The bright green colour also got some practical survival purpose.

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