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I did it with my army goretex on top of a long sleeve shirt on top of a mt Fuji uniqlo tee (lol). Like you mentioned, over heat and end up removing my long sleeve. Also discovered at the 8 station, my goretex lining had dried out and was flaking away in clumps.

I'm quite chunky and have a good tolerance for cold but its really really hard to find a good balance between something that can vent heat and something that can keep warm.

Pants wise was just wearing a compression pants and jeans. Wore a army goretex boot which got destroyed after the hike.

I tend to overpack and prepare for mt Fuji. Carry too much kit (assault pack with 9L of water, food and caloriemate for three days worth)

Made a bullet climb from fuji yoshida side (subaru route I think) but failed to make it down in time. Thought the return trip was like the kawaguchigo go go me route with easy scree slope.

This time (third time) I am endeavouring to do it like those Japanese nuts that sprint to the top. No excess weight, minimal kit. Just water bag, sweater and lots of 100 yen coins for the toilets. That's why looking for a windproof light technical shell/fleece thing. Any recommendations ?

The bright green colour also got some practical survival purpose.
You are planning to do your run in Aug/Sep?

It will be real warm at Station 5 so a thin base layer to start with is probably what you want. Maybe a wind breaker to ward off the chills. After 8th station you may want to put on a thin fleece layer. Many reviewers seems to think a Polartec Thermal Pro is the best fabric now for active insulation (i.e. when you are working up a sweat). A compression tights should be sufficient for your legs, wear a pair of shorts over them like what the Japanese hikers like to do. You might want to bring along a long hiking pants to wear when you reach the higher elevations.

It is only when you stop that you will really feel the chill. For this I recommend a nice down jacket with hood if the weather is good, or a synthetic insulated jacket if it is raining. (But I will seriously reconsider going if the weather forecast is wet. Or I will bring more emergency layers at least.)

My minimum load out for a quick up and down Mt Fuji in Aug will have:
1 short sleeve base wicking layer (worn)
1 full compression tights (worn)
1 shorts (worn)
1 light long pants for hiking (in backpack)
1 pair of thin merino wool socks (worn)
1 ultralight windbreaker (rolled up and hanging on my belt)
1 thin full zip fleece jacket (no hood) (in backpack) (e.g. Columbia Cascade?)
1 light waterproof jacket with hood (in backpack) (as light as possible, not necessary to be breathable cos I dun intend to run in it. Light rain I will wear windbreaker. Heavy rain I will go home.)
1 down jacket with hood (in backpack) (something preferably warmer than the Uniqlo UL jacket)
1 extra short sleeve base layer to change into when I reach the top or when sleeping in the huts (in backpack)
1 extra pair of medium weight wool socks (in backpack)
1 micro-fleece neck warmer (in backpack) (can wear as hat if needed)
1 pair of windstopper fleece glove

At the top, I will be wearing my dry base layer with my possibly damp fleece over it, and then my down jacket and finally my windbreaker. Legs might be a bit cold so I might bring along gaiters, which will help to block wind on my trail runnners which has open mesh panels.
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