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Hi folks wanted to run some queries.

When you guys buy the JR pass, how do you book online to reserve the seats?

I was trying to see if i could book online for dec 9 from Tokyo to Shin Osaka but was unable to get any traction.

I do know they use the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen though...

In additional, when you guys buy JR Pass how do you normally collect and book the train services? Sorry about too many questions, as I have kids with me, and CO expects full battle order...
Think your CO worry too much... Dec 9 is a normal weekday. Not many ppl taking Shinkansen.

You cannot book online if you are using JR pass. There are enough seats, so no need to worry too much. Once you have your JR pass, start to book your tickets, then won't have any issues.

Pls see below video for details

If you need additional details, pls feel free to ask here or pm me. Or ask your CO contact me, i give him a briefing on travelling in Japan... =)
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