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Hi guys, recently I purchased a LG Non-Artcool inverter system 3, but yet to be delivered and installed:

2 x AMNC09GDBA2 (9000 BTU) - for 1 BR and 1 Study
1 x AMNC12GDBA2 (12000 BTU) - for 1 MBR
1 x A4UQ26GFA1 ( 4 ticks)

Then suddenly wife got another idea of arrangement:

2 x 9000BTU - for 1 BR and 1 MBR
1 x 12000 BTU - for living room

Living room is about 3m x 10m with no partition in between. Most activities is only at one half of the living room ie TV and sofa etc. Is 12000BTU enough to cool half of the living room with a ceiling fan? Hardly all 3 units will be turn on the same time, at most only 2 units.

Please advise. Thanks.
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