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Thanks deadjr and Shikiwaru for the reply

Im just curious. How many of us in this forum actually carry a knife with you on a daily basis?

If you do, what do you usually carry and have you ever encountered any instances when ppl ask you why u carry a knife or give u weird looks?

I stick to a knife with a blade length of 2.5' or less, usually a SAK. When i take it out to cut something, i usually go to a discrete corner just to avoid weird stares hahha.

Just wanna hear ur experiences and start a mini discussion.
Great question esp for a knife thread!

I started to carry for utility and emergency use. First carried a Spyderco Dragonfly because it's small and waterproof. Weird looks/comments when I use it.

Upgraded to a Manix 2 for awhile because of its quick deployment.

Over time I realize it's not very practical to carry a more-than-cheap knife that well is purely a knife. The utility argument isn't very strong. EDCing one and worse having to go through immigration/security not knowing if they'll confiscate your knife or suspect you is not worth it.

So got myself a Spyderco Clipitool with Serrated Blade. It's very small, difficult to open one handed but as its name suggests is more of a tool. You can get the scissors or bottle opener/screw driver as well.

The serrated blade covers most cutting task I.e. ropes, webbing etc.

But mainly because it's very small.

Gifted my gf a Spyderco H1 Ladybug to couple with a Maratac AAA SS flashlight to complete the tool feel.

I would not even worry about an SAK if you ask me. It's a multitool and yes, it's a tool that has multiple functions haha. I carry a Victorinox Spartan with my keys and have never been questioned.

Any item can be lethal if used the right way. But it's good to err on the safe side and get a truly tooly-knife hehe.

PS: I love the NS Victorinox Bantam. One of the best minimalist tools. Able to open cans is superb.
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