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That's why I say the projected returns is misleading, useless.
It doesn't represent what client will get, in pure profit terms.
Putting those 4.75% or 5.75% blah blah blah means nothing if it is only going to be cut cut cut or worst...
thats why i emphasis on the importance of guaranteed values.

projections can differ and past performances may not be repeated. because a good fund manager is unlikely to stay in the insurance company for a very long time. unless the company has a winning investment formula that can be repeated in successions.

i remember looking at this TM Asia Life's CollegePlus. if i can recall correctly, the guaranteed returns was higher than 4% for a 20 years period.

It is the best endowment plan for the purpose of saving up for children's education. Having the highest guaranteed return, it is something none of all other insurers can beat.
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