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Well, I like rain. I love the smell of air after a nice long thunderstorm, when the air is fresh (bukit panjang, not sure about other places). Negative ions abound, helps to make life just a bit better. Ok, on to sharp things...

Many have asked, how often do you use your blades, do you EDC, what do you use them for? etc....

My most used blades are my kitchen knife (a nice gyuto), my gifted douk-douk (a slipjoint) and my EDC, a modded poboy folding puukko (enzo birk scandi folder). As I have limited countertop space, I use a small tembusu chopping board and my douk-douk for lots of food preparation. If I need to cut something with cleaner cuts, I switch to my gyuto. Both are easy to sharpen (my waterstones are right next to my sink) although the douk-douk needs more reprofiling (softer steel and a carbon blade to boot). My folding puukko gets all the 'cleaner', drier work - cleaning out a folder requires more effort so for dressing and preparing meat, it's just easier to use my gyuto and douk-douk.

What about you?
Thank you vespa for sharing.

I carry the absolutely smallest victorinox as my edc and at the size smaller than that of a finger, it doesn't scare sheeple. I do own a zt0801, which I use for bbqs, prawning etc... But if I require something in between, the victorinox bantam does a great job. I have a vg-10 san mai chef knife which I purchased during my travels in Japan and I use to cut sashimi and to cook with.

Then I have my custom knife collection which are used for admiring/lying as table toys. This way, I separate my collection into users and collectibles.
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